What to Expect

Expect to feel some eeriness
There is never a guarantee of a paranormal encounter, although with the lore and history of the stops on the tour, you could feel creepy sensations, foreboding or just a plain eeriness on the tours.  

Learn and enjoy the history of Charlotte
Charlotte has a rich history which is not apparent on the surface.  Our tour guides will enlighten you on the history of the city along with the ghostly tales that the Queen City has to offer.

Enjoy some ghostly humor
Our tour guides enjoy a good laugh!  You can expect for a good time in recanting of investigating experiences, interesting haunted stories and you never know what can happen during the tour!

Participate with experienced investigators
Our tour guides have many years of combined paranormal investigation experience.  This makes our tours unique as most "ghost tour" services do not have active paranormal experts leading their tours.  These tour guides have experience investigating many of Charlotte's haunted locations and founders of Carolina Paranormal Society, which is the largest and most prominent paranormal team in the South East.

Be on the look out for a haunted experience
You never know what will happen during a tour!  There are always possibilities for paranormal experiences to occur.  Bring your camera and take photos, you never know what you may capture during one of our haunted tours!